ielts_trainingUS Registered Nursing Licensure by Examination is a highly complex legal process. There are some states that WILL issue a license to foreign graduate nurses. We will apply for licensure in one of these states which then allows an employer to sponsor you for a green card. Once you have landed in the US, the employer will endorse your existing license into the state you have agreed to work in.

Can I work as a nurse in any US state I’d like?

Yes, you can! The most important thing to understand is that EVERY state can endorse EVERY state’s license.

Example: If you are licensed in New York, and you wish to work in Texas your employer will endorse your license from NY to TX, because all licenses are endorseable. To make it perfectly clear, you can work in ANY state eventually after endorsement and you don’t have to work in the state you become licensed in.

Okay, so I understand I can be licensed in State A, and work in State B – now what?

A common mistake is that many nurses attempt to complete the licensing process themselves and make errors in their applications because of how complex the various State Boards of Nursing applications are. We specialize in ensuring that our nurses are licensed in the quickest, simplest and cheapest way possible. Our dedicated Licensing Team has decades of cumulative Licensing experience assisting RN’s who have graduated from all over the world.

How do I get your help with becoming licensed?
When you enrol on the Nurses 4 America Gold Package this includes Licensing Assistance.

Please note – you are paying for our services, not for any licensing, credentialing, exam, postal or any other fees. You will be responsible for paying your fees to the relevant authorities and bodies. Only the chosen Board of Nursing makes the decision to grant you eligibility to sit the NCLEX-RN exam, not Nurses 4 America.

Nurses 4 America provide you with complete assistance with the paperwork necessary to register for the NCLEX Exam. This includes helping you obtain your transcripts for your school of nursing, and of course helping you complete the various forms required to obtain approval.

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Licensing Only

Note: As part of our licensing service we will provide you with all the documentation and processing required to become licensed and you will have unlimited telephone and email support from one of our in-house licensing representatives. However, the decision to grant you the eligibility to sit the NCLEX-RN exam is the sole decision of the chosen Board of Nursing. We cannot guarantee that you will be given the eligibility but as stated above, we will provide you with full assistance so that the documentation is presented accordingly and accurately. We cannot guarantee your nursing school’s competence in transcript work but we can liaise with them on your behalf if there are any concerns or problems.

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