The steps below are for nurses who need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and start their US Nursing journey. However, if you have already passed the NCLEX-RN exam, please Click Here.

Step 1

Enrol on the Nurses4America Gold Package, which provides you access to NCLEX-RN Online Training and Licensing Assistance. Once you pass NCLEX-RN you will become a fully qualified American Registered Nurse.

Step 2

a) You have 24/7 access to the NCLEX-RN Online Training Program and we recommend to study 5 hours a week

b) While you are studying to pass the NCLEX-RN exam, your licensing representative will assist you in the application process to get your nursing qualification and license verified by the US authorities. If you are approved, you can sit the NCLEX-RN exam in several locations.

Step 3

Send us your resume. Our employers may interview you and if they offer you a job it is on condition that you pass NCLEX-RN. Once you start working in the USA they will give you up to USD$11,000 bonus!

Step 4

Sit the NCLEX-RN exam. If you pass the exam we move onto the next step

Step 5

The employer then assists you in the process of obtaining your Green Card

Step 6

The employer pays for your flight to the USA, meets and greets you at the airport and helps you settle in the USA

Step 7

The employer provides professional training and getting you ready for work. You will have a mentor in your first few months at work

Step 8

Start your new job as an American Registered Nurse!

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