Nurses4America are experts in these services since 2005:

  • Providing Registered Nurses with excellent Nursing Jobs in America
  • Online NCLEX-RN Training Program
  • Expert Licensing Assistance
  • Sourcing High Quality Registered Nurses for our US Nurse Employers
  • We have literally 1000’s of RN jobs with several US Nursing employers across the United States.
  • In some of the best hospitals in the US, so you will be getting the best experience and working conditions possible!

If you have passed NCLEX-RN email us your resume immediately and our American Nurse Employers are ready to interview you within a few days. If you haven’t obtained or passed the NCLEX-RN yet, then please read about our highly successful NCLEX-RN Training Packages. Once you have passed the NCLEX-RN exam we will for FREE, submit your resume (C.V.) to our employers in the USA.

If you have passed NCLEX-RN, are a Canadian Citizen or a current US work visa holder with at least 12 months CVOR experience you could qualify for up to USD$20,000 SIGNING BONUS. Please apply with your resume here.

We provide high-quality online NCLEX-RN training to registered nurses, that has a fantastic track record and pass rate. Your training program will also come with documentation containing NCLEX review and revision advice and suggestions to make the NCLEX-RN study process even easier. Once you have passed the NCLEX-RN exam you will become a US registered nurse and we can then find you a job.

Nurses 4 America is also synonymous with US Boards of Nursing Licensing for many years.
To assist you with obtaining the approval for the NCLEX, we have a dedicated licensing team comprised of Licensing Experts. This team has established the fastest routes to getting your approval to sit the NCLEX exam. We have streamlined the process so that it’s the quickest, cheapest and most efficient route possible. We will assist you on how to complete the documentation and obtain your transcripts and if necessary liaise with the licensing bodies on your behalf.

If you are an American RN Employer we can source you high-quality Registered Nurse candidates. We are the experts and market leaders in this field because we have dozens of NCLEX-RN trainees enrolled at any given time and our nurses pass the NCLEX-RN exam every week. In addition NCLEX-RN passers contact us daily looking for work. Please contact us if you want to know more about our services.

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