Our 7 Star Gold Programmee provides you with online NCLEX-RN Training Access and Licensing Assistance & our unique USA Job-Ready Service to help you become an American Registered Nurse.

NCLEX-RN Training

  • 12 months access to world-class NCLEX Training Program
  • 24,000+ questions
  • 29 topics
  • Live 1-2-1 American RN NCLEX Tutors
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Computer Adaptive Questions
  • Loads of Video Tutorials
  • Online access, study anywhere, anytime
  • Secure and unique username and password
  • Very high success rate with 80% pass rate
  • Bookmark your studies to return to them at another time, across devices
  • Identify key areas you need to improve on with a comprehensive strengths and weakness analysis
  • More details about NCLEX-RN Training here

Licensing Assistance

  • Nurses 4 America help you apply for your Nursing License
  • In the Quickest, Cheapest and Easiest way possible
  • We are here to simplify and guide you through this complex process
  • Let our in-house experts with many years of experience at Nurses 4 America guide you!
  • More details on the licensing process here

USA Job-Ready Services

Career Advice

  • All 1-2-1 Sessions with our Highly Experienced Specialists
  • Tailored to the US market needs
  • Create US Career Path Plan
  • Let the experts with many years of experience at Nurses 4 America guide you!

CV Prep

  • Adjust your CV to suit US employers
  • Format and Order Correctly
  • Adjust to stand out
  • Marketable and Presentable
  • Add your experience
  • Tighten CV 
  • Make CV appropriate
  • Have experience of thousands of CV’s

Help with Interview Techniques

  • Guidance on good telephone interview techniques
  • Zoom and Phone Calls
  • Role-plays
  • Test questions
  • Scenario exploration
  • Advice and motivation sessions
  • Documents on common interview questions
  • Well researched advice to help you to sell your skills to the employer

Pre-Relocation Advice

  • Location
  • Housing
  • Schooling

Regular 1-2-1 catch-up and motivation meetings

Once you have completed our NCLEX-RN Gold Programme and have successfully passed the NCLEX-RN exam, we will submit your cv/resume FREE OF CHARGE to our American healthcare employers. They will provide free immigration assistance by sponsoring you and your family for a green card:

US Nursing Jobs

  • Work as a Nurse in top Hospitals across the USA
  • Fantastic salary
  • Great opportunities to improve your career in America, with training career progression opportunities!
  • More details here.

Acclimatization, Meet and greet services and more

  • Subsidized housing for the first couple of months of arrival in the USA
  • Co-ordination to find permanent housing
  • Good Schools Discovery 
  • Help with insurance, driving license and more
  • Meet and greet service to pick you up from the airport

Immigration Advice and Services

  • Green card for you, your spouse and any of your children under 21 years of age
  • Obtain SSN
  • Our US employers have in-depth knowledge of the US Immigration system to help your immigration go smoothly
  • More details here

Employer Bonuses 

Up to USD$16,500 bonus which consists of:

  • Up to USD$10,000 starting bonus with the employer.
  • An extra USD$1,000 for passing NCLEX-RN within 12 months of enrolment
  • AND USD$5,500 Training Bonus in first few weeks of arrival in the USA 
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