Job Title: Registered Nurse

Nursing Category: Theatre / Operating Room

Employment Type: Full Time

Salary: At least $25 dollars an hour

Relocation Assistance: $2,500 US Dollars.

Hours/Pay Period: 36-40 hours per week

Contract Tenure:  3 years

Other Benefits:  Overtime (pay judged on a State by State Basis), relocation allowance, a chance of career progression and development within some of the USA’s most established hospitals. May also include health insurance, dental insurance, life and disability insurance.

Years Experience: At least 12 recent months direct patient care in this role

Education: Must be registered nurse

Licensing: Must be an NCLEX passer, if not please enrol on our training package.

Experience: Previous experience as first assistant RN or minimum of 2 years experience in the Operating Room functioning in both scrub and circulating role as an RN

Note: Please read the complete description below before applying for this job.

Job Description:

RN possesses a complexity of knowledge, judgment, and skill required to provide cost-effective, quality, individualized patient care in a rapidly changing technological, economical and social milieu. Demonstrates the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective behaviors necessary to function in a collaborative practice with the operating surgeon during the intra operative phase of patient care, utilizing the nursing behaviors appropriate for this position. Demonstrates knowledge of principles of growth and development over the lifespan and utilizes the nursing process to meet patient requirements relative to age-specific needs. Demonstrates an ability to function in other roles in the OR. Maintains effective peer and physician relationships to ensure high quality of patient care and to demonstrate professionalism in practice.

•To perform assigned duties at the Client Facility in conformity with generally accepted nursing standards and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
•To maintain a record of hours worked and schedule.
•To abide by the policies and procedures of Client Facility, and any orders or directions given by Client Facility regarding Nurse’s duties and responsibilities pursuant to this Agreement. To provide nursing services to patients as assigned and as are customarily performed by nurses at the Client Facility.

For this once in a life time opportunity

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US: 1 800 722 5085

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