We work very closely with our American employers to ensure that our nurses are given full support throughout the immigration process.  Our jobs benefits include free travel to America, housing and up to USD$2500 relocation allowance and an initial orientation program. During the first weeks of your arrival in the USA, representatives will provide you help and support setting up your new life, including driving licenses, bank accounts, and accommodation.


You will be granted up to USD$2500 relocation allowance, which will assist you in the relocation of your possessions such as furniture, electronic equipment, and other such tasks.


Upon arrival in America, you will be granted up to USD$1500 to help you with your initial couple of months of living expenses such as rent. Our employers will offer you temporary housing if necessary but will work with you to ensure you find a home you and your family are happy to call your own.

During the move into your new home, you will naturally require utilities such as electricity, gas, the internet, and cable. Our employers will once again be on hand to provide advice on the best deals and suggestions for your local area or state.

Social Security Number

Just like any US resident, you will be required to obtain an SSN (Social Security Number) once you arrive in America. Without an SSN you will not be able to obtain driving licenses, insurance or complete almost any formal paperwork.

The application for your SSN is totally free, and each member of your family will need to apply for their own SSN. The application process for your Social Security Number is relatively simple, and your employer’s orientation program will assist you with this. The process typically calls for a copy of your birth certificate and passport, along with possibly other documentation.

Obtaining a driving license from the DMV

If you currently have possession of a driving license which was obtained from your original country of residence, you are legally allowed drive in America for at least 1 year using this document as an international driving license.

But, should you wish to own a car within the USA over the long term, you (and others in your family wishing to drive) will be required to obtain a US driving license within your state of residence. The testing requirements do differ on a state-by-state basis, but your representative will be happy to assist you on how this process works in your area.


If you are considering obtaining a car within America, our employers will be able to offer advice as to dealerships and suggest for whether it is best for you to lease, buy new or used.

Major cities in America do have robust transport systems, including buses, trams, and trains but because the country is so large a car is a bonus for groceries and other shopping, commuting to and from work and general day-to-day activities.

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