Job Title: Registered Nurse

Nursing Category: Staff Nurse

Employment Type: Full Time

Salary: USD$27-30 per hr

Relocation Assistance: $4,000.00 US Dollars.

Hours/Pay Period: 36-40 hours per week

Contract Tenure:  2.5 to 3 years

Other Benefits: 

  • Overtime (pay judged on a State by State Basis)
  • Relocation allowance
  • Career progression and development
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life and disability insurance

Years Experience: At least 12 recent months direct patient care in this role

Education:  Must be a registered nurse

Licensing: Must be an NCLEX passer, if not please enrol on our training packages.

Note:  Please read the complete description below before applying for this job.

As a registered, accountable and autonomous nurse to act in the best interests of your patients at all times and take personal responsibility for your actions and decisions. To be responsible for patient assessment, planning of care, giving and supervising safe and compassionate care, and evaluating the effectiveness of care.

Patient care:
You will be responsible for a group of patients without direct supervision where you manage patient care and subsequent recovery.
You will be helping individuals who have undergone injuries, from illnesses to accidents.
Staff nurses are on most occasions the first healthcare professionals that one is likely to encounter when a visit to a hospital or any other healthcare facility becomes a necessity.

You will usually assess a patient’s condition while taking vital reports so that the doctor can assess the patient more thoroughly.
Under the orders of the doctor, you will administer medications and injections in addition to helping doctors in the process of diagnostic testing. You are a part of aftercare as well, whether that means educating the patients about what to do after leaving the hospital, or preparing patients for discharge.


• Evidence of being caring and compassionate with a good understanding of
managing patients with complex needs
• Ability to assess patients, plan care for a group of patients, deliver care and
evaluate the effectiveness of care given.
• Ability to organise own workload whilst supervising others.
• Good analytical skills and able to recognise deterioration
• Ability to plan for discharge
• Good organisational and time management skills
• Good self awareness
• Leadership skills including good interpersonal and communication skills.
• IT skills
• Knowledge of current issues in relation to nursing and health care
• Ability to think creatively and contribute to service improvement initiatives
• Understanding of obligations in relation to equality and diversity law
you will continue to develop yourself,
supervise junior staff and teach others including nursing assistants and nursing students
You will actively seek feedback on your performance, contribute
to your appraisals and provide constructive feedback to those you supervise and teach.
Financial and physical resources: You will observe a personal duty of care in relation
to equipment and resources used in the course of your work and ensure efficient use of
resources. You will be able to assess the skill mix required for your shift and know how
to raise concerns.

Call: 1-800-722-5085
Tel: (UK) 01582 346 994
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