All of our U.S. healthcare employers offer nurses a fantastic salary, working conditions, amazing compensation and full support in your transition to US employment. For more on our available positions click here.

Here is an overview of the benefits we offer for our US nursing jobs:

  • Guaranteed Full-Time Working Hours
  • Start working in America in as little as 12 months after passing NCLEX-RN!
  • Up to USD$1500.00 Relocation Assistance
  • Free One-way flight to the USA
  • Up to USD$2500.00 Housing Allowance
  • USD$24 -$28.00 per hour
  • Initial Orientation Program
  • Excellent affordable subsidized Health Insurance
  • Affordable and subsidized visual and dental premiums
  • Health, dental and visual insurance available at subsided costs for the whole family
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Eligibility for annual raises
  • Life insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Continuing education allowance
  • Paid time off
  • Possible Reimbursements for IELTS, TOEFL, Visa Screen (application or renewal) NCLEX-RN renewal or endorsement, NCLEX-RN Test

Assistance to help you settle in America!
Our employers provide:

  • Payment towards a one-way flight to the USA
  • Up to USD$2500.00 housing allowance
  • Property Finding service within commutable distance from work
  • School Search Service to find great schools for your children
  • Up to USD$1500.00 relocation assistance e.g. assistance with moving costs
  • Full initial orientation program which familiarizes you with your work and social environment!

Excellent salary, career opportunities and education
America is known as the land of opportunity for a reason. Our employers offer a generous salary (up to USD$28.00 per hour depending on location and your experience), annual raises (based on performance), continuing education allowance to keep on top of the latest technology and procedures and excellent career advancement options. It goes without saying, but you also are granted paid time off too!

Medical Insurance, Dental  & visual insurance
Our US employers offer subsided costs for your whole family, to ensure that you and your family’s health insurance needs are covered.

Disability Insurance 
Our employers want to offer you peace of mind in case of unexpected sickness or injury (which does not take place due to the workplace). This will help alleviate your worry of money while you’re sick and so you can focus on getting better.

401(k) Retirement Plan
All of our US nursing positions come complete with a comprehensive 401(k) savings plan, enabling you to easily save cash and earn interest before your retirement. Best of all, these savings are exempt from tax, and the 401(k) is available from your first paycheck.

Paid Time Off:
Our employers offer generous paid vacation time to ensure nurses can take time off for family vacations.

Plus more!
There’s a lot more we’ve not covered here, and naturally, there are intangible benefits such as making a new life for yourself (and your family) in America! Contact us to learn more!

Already passed NCLEX-RN?

If you are any ONE of the following:

  • Canadian Citizen with NCLEX-RN – no experience required so new graduates can apply too!
  • Have an abandoned petition and a current priority date
  • None of the above but have passed NCLEX-RN with at least 12 months direct patient care experience


Many of our American nursing employers will interview you in a few days. If you have an abandoned petition (with a current or recent Priority Date) they will be happy to continue your immigration process. You could be working as a registered nurse in America in just a few months time!

Please email us your resume (CV) to
Or call us on UK: +44(0)1582 346 994 or US: 001 800 722 5085 for more information.

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